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David Wilmoth, Director
Prof David Wilmoth, Director

Learning Cities International Pty Ltd is a consultant and project management firm specialising in services to the education and training sector and the urban planning and development sector.

Start-up of education ventures and institutions

The firm can take clients step by step through scoping and visioning, establishment of governance, feasibility study, business planning, program development, identification of training, education research and business partners, specification and design of campuses and learning platforms, forecasting of financial requirements, choice of financing options, negotiation with financial institutions, fundraising, risk management and the assembly of start-up teams including foundation CEO.

Policy advice for education systems and institutions

The firm is able to draw upon a network of Associates in the preparation and review of education hubs, institutional plans, the inception of projects across national boundaries, and the leadership of strategic change in education systems. This includes experience in establishing systems for public-private partnerships and the ventures themselves. Through strengths in risk management, corporate governance and quality assurance, projects are assured at the highest standard.

Urban and regional development, including public-private partnerships in financing & project development for towns and infrastructure

The firm is able to prepare and review large-scale urban and regional plans, coordinate infrastructure and advise on effective urban management. The principal has been directly responsible for urban planning and infrastructure coordination for government and private sector organisations in a number of cities and regions, as well as reviewing and advising.

Planning for industry and technology

With hands-on experience in many countries and its network of Associates, the firm is able to contribute to the preparation of development plans and the realisation of industry parks, technology precincts, integrated campuses, creative business clusters and tertiary educational institutions. The firm is able to advise and assist in all areas of master plan and precinct development, including the selection of ongoing project managers and teams.

Capacity-building for urban management and educational organisations

The company is able to strengthen expert capacity within client organisations for the urban development or education sectors. This involves review and needs assessment, the selection or design of systems adapted to the client's needs, the design and delivery of professional development, coaching and mentorship programs in support, short-term management services within client agencies, and assistance with inter-agency coordination between client agencies or firms and with different business sectors.