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David led a seminar with Blue Mountains City Council on Good Urban Governance on 16 June 2016.
Good urban governance (PPT) (PDF 6MB)

David presented a paper on International Trends in Metropolitan Governance at a conference on that topic, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, 7-8 March 2016.
Presentation Slides - Advancing Vocational Education and Training through Public-Private Partnerships (PDF 5.2MB)
Presentation Slides - Opportunites for VET PPPs in Albania and Kosovo (PDF 2.3MB)


David chaired two sessions at the Metropolis World Congress, 'Cities for All', Hyderabad, 7-10 October, 2014, one entitled 'Concepts New and Old for Metropolitan Governance' [PDF 5MB] and the other 'The Balance of Cause and Effect in Urban Governance'.

David made expert presentations on public private partnerships in vocational education and training to the Health and VET PPP Workshop for Albania and Kosovo 18 March 2014, sponsored by the International Finance Corporation
International trends in metropolitan governance (DOC) (PDF 17.9MB)
International Experience with Metropolitan Governance (PPT) (PDF 5.9MB)


David Wilmoth with Bridget Poppy John and Brian Mokopakgosi. 'Botswana Country Hub: Africa's First Education Hub' in Jane Knight (ed.) 2013. International Education Hubs: Student, Talent, Knowledge-Innovation Models. Springer Science: 145-164. . 2013.
'Making education hubs' Seminar Presentation Conybeare Morrison International, 31 October 2013 Presentation Slides (PDF 31.9MB)


David Wilmoth gave a conference presentation on the financing of new international university campuses at the EduBuild Asia Conference, Singapore, 27-30 March 2012
27 March 2012
Presentation Slides (PDF 20.3MB)

David was keynote speaker at an IFC-facilitated stakeholder consultative forum in Liberia. He spoke on 'Linking TVET to work: some international experience relevant to Liberia'.
19 - 20 June 2012
Presentation Slides (PDF 23.8MB)


"Public-Private Partnerships for Transit-Oriented Developments: an Inside View" - Guest Lecture, Master of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Sydney.
6 October 2011
Seminar Slides (PDF 5.0MB)

David Wilmoth has been appointed consultant by the Asian Development Bank to review market demand for, and the financial viability of the University of Central Asia, an extraordinary project of the Aga Khan Development Network to develop three international-standard university campuses in the remote mountainous areas of Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan. He is assisted by Tony Ward on financial and economic analysis and Maya Lin on data analysis. Maya accompanied David in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. While at the new University of Nazarbayev David led a seminar on the internationalisation of higher education.
Seminar Slides (PDF 332KB)


David Wilmoth led an international training workshop on Managing Urban Sprawl and Unofficial Settlements in Mashhad, Iran. It was hosted by the Metropolis Training Centre, MIddle East Branch. Participants came from many countries, including Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon and Turkey. His presentations are available at:
27-29 September 2010

Opening Remarks (PDF 549KB)
Introduction (PDF 905KB)
Urban Expansion (PDF 13.8MB)
Metropolitan Planning (PDF 6.9MB)
Unofficial Settlements (PDF 11.3MB)


"Global Perspective on Economic Development in Regions" - Keynote at the Economic and Regional Development Conference 2009 of the Queensland Local Government Association Townsville
4-6 March 2009
Download Presentation (PDF: 636KB)

"Private Participation in Tertiary Education: Possibilities for PNG" - Presentation, on behalf of the International Finance Corporation, at the 25th Papua New Guinea Australia Business Forum in Madang, PNG
18 May 2009
Download Presentation (PDF: 6.2MB)


Work in progress on the Botswana International University of Science and Technology - presentation at The Naval & Military Club, 27 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. 28th March 2008
Invitation (PDF: 200KB)
Download Paper (PDF: 2.4MB)

‘How cities can grow knowledge industries’ -Keynote address at the City and Urban Development Summit in Sydney 23-24 June 2008 .
Download Paper (PDF: 2.1MB)

IFC International Forum on Private Higher Education in Washington DC, on the Botswana International University of Science and Technology as a public-private partnership.
14 to 16 May 2008
Download Paper (PDF: 2.4MB)

Knowledge creation and policy making: notes towards mapping climate change adaptation research capacities of universities in Victoria
Download Paper (PDF: 228KB)


'The University and the City: Ideas for Mutual Engagement'. Seminar with the University of Botswana and City of Gaborone.
8th Octoer 2007.
Download Paper (PDF: 170KB)


'Broadening the scope of inquiry: including an urban and habitat planning perspective in strategies for better health. Paper prepared for ' Oxford Health Alliance Summit 2006 - Confronting the Epidemic of Chronic Diseases. Cape Town, November, 2006.

Download Paper - PDF: 184KB

'The Role of Universities in Achieving Global Equity'. Keynote Paper and Presentation. International Conference on Achieving Global Equity: The Challenges Facing Universities, Governments and Business, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK, July 26-29, 2006

Download Keynote Speech - PDF: 512KB
Download Presentation - PDF: 1,090KB

'Activating Urban Indicators: Fables for Our Time.' Keynote address and Rapporteur Report to the World Urban Forum III Activating Urban Indicators at Metropolis Workshop in Vancouver 18 June 2006.
Download Keynote Speech - PDF: 189KB
Download Rapporteur Report - PDF: 115KB

'Comparing Planning Strategies in Australian Cities' Presentation to Property Council Event. Palladium Ballroom, Crown Towers, Melbourne, May 24, 2006
Download Presentation - PDF: 8,600KB

'RMIT International University Vietnam’s Development Contribution.' Case study for Master Sviluppo program. Milan, 20 February 2006
Download Presentation - PDF: 2,077KB

'Universities Global and Local: Four Case Studies'. Presentation to Bocconi University. Milan, 20 February 2006
Download Presentation - PDF: 2,262KB

'Planning a New University in Vietnam: Innovation in Urban Development' Presentation to European Investment Bank. February 17, 2006
Download Presentation - PDF: 1,924KB

'Urban development strategy, infrastructure coordination and finance.' Paper Presented to European Investment Bank. Luxembourg, 16 February 2006

‘Building new campuses in foreign markets: Starting up RMIT Vietnam’ Paper presented to 2006 International Investment Forum for Private Higher Education, International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC, 1-3 February, 2006.
Download Paper - PDF: 108KB
Download Presentation - PDF: 358KB


Paper presented to ‘State of Australian Cities’ Conference,Griffith University, Brisbane, 30th November - 2nd December 2005
Download Paper - PDF:196KB

With Geoff Lawler ‘The role of education in the regeneration and cohesion of the City of Melbourne’ Paper presented to World Conference on Urban Education: Knowledge Capitals? Education in the Cities for the 21st Century, Manchester, 28 November - 1 December 2005.
Download Paper - PDF: 349KB

‘The road to safe cities’, Paper presented at Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Conference, Back to Basics, Parramatta, 4 November 2005.
Download Presentation - PDF: 654KB



RMIT Vietnam and Vietnam’sDevelopment: Risk and Responsibility
Download Paper - PDF: 108KB

‘An introduction to urban growth management’, Ministry of Home Affairs and Related Authorities, Hanoi, 2 November 2004.

‘Corporate governance reform in Australian universities’, Paper presented to Ministry of Education and Training, Hanoi, Vietnam, 3 November 2004.

Tianjin’s Capacity for Urban Planning and Development: Report from Tianjin Visit 27-28 November 2004, China Development Bank, World Bank Institute and Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, 25pp.
Download Paper - PDF: 3020KB

‘Planning Sydney in the 1980s’, Paper presented to China Development Bank and World Bank Institute Urban Forum: Planning the Future of Cities in China, Beijing 25-29 October 2004, in English and Chinese translation.
Download Paper - PDF: 115KB (In English)
Download Paper - PDF: 238KB (In Chinese)

‘Information technology and the connected city in China’, Paper presented to China Development Bank and World Bank Institute Urban Forum: Planning the Future of Cities in China, Beijing 25-29 October 2004.
Download Paper - PDF: 464KB

‘Building Capacity for Sustainable Urban Planning in Vietnam’, ‘Opening remarks’ and ‘Closing remarks’, Papers prepared for 19th EAROPH World Town Planning and Housing Congress and National Housing Conference, Melbourne, 19-22 Sept 2004.
Download Paper - PDF: 131KB
Download Presentation - PDF: 2,031KB

Paper presented to Roundtable Dialogue: New Frameworks for Thinking About Australia’s Relationships with its Neighbours in the 21st Century, Melbourne, 17-18 August 2004.
Download Paper - PDF: 25KB

‘Information infrastructure and the connected city: issues for Vietnam’, Paper presented to Seminar, Hanoi Architectural University, 2 June 2004.

‘Corporate governance reform in Australian universities: the case of RMIT’, Paper presented at Seminars, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam National University Hanoi, 24 May and 1 June 2004.
Download Paper - PDF: 47KB
Download Presentation - PDF: 78KB

‘Education and the sharing of knowledge’, Paper presented to The Third Asia-Pacific Round Table Meeting: East Asia and the Pacific: Securing the Future, The Global Foundation in Partnership with The World Bank, Sydney, 15-16 March 2004.
Download Paper - PDF: 30KB

‘Eight ways that universities in developed countries can promote private investment in higher education and lifelong learning in developing countries’, Paper prepared for International Forum on Investment in Private Higher Education, International Finance Corporation, Washington DC, January 21-23, 2004.
Download Paper - PDF: 39KB


‘Road safety in Sri Lanka: a time for action’ Presentation to Asia Injury Prevention Foundation Conference on Safe Roads Sri Lanka Initiative Colombo, 2 March 2003.
Download Presentation - PDF: 63KB

‘Road safety in Bangladesh: a time for action’ Presentation to Asia Injury Prevention Foundation Conference on Safe Roads Bangladesh Initiative Dhaka, 27 February 2003.
Download Presentation - PDF: 74KB

‘Road safety in Nepal: a time for action’
Presentation to Asia Injury Prevention Foundation Conference on Safe Roads Nepal Initiative, Kathmandu, 24 February 2003.
Download Presentation - PDF: 56KB


‘Leadership in challenging times’, Occasional Address, RMIT International University Vietnam Conferring Ceremony, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 11 Dec 2002.
Download Paper - PDF: 25KB

For RMIT Refugee Support Task Force, Submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into the Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Special Benefit Activity Test) Bill 2002, RMIT, 2002.

‘Planning a new university in Vietnam: innovation in urban development’ Paper presented at Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Housing 18th World Planning Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 7-11 Oct 2002.
Download Paper - PDF: 60KB
Download Presentation - PDF: 1,959KB

‘Learning resource centres in Vietnamese cities and regions’, Paper presented to OECD Conference on Learning Cities and Regions, Melbourne, 14-15 Oct 2002.
Download Paper - PDF: 118KB
Download Presentation - PDF: 729KB

‘Leadership in troubled times’, Keynote Address to Golden Key International Honour Society, Melbourne Town Hall, 4 Sep 2002.
Download Paper - PDF: 29KB


with Robert Webster: ‘E-Learning in tertiary education: the case of RMIT’ Paper presented to Vietnam Development Information Center Videoconference on Connectivity, Knowledge and Tertiary Education, Hanoi, 17 Aug 2001.

‘University learning resource centers in Vietnam: collaboration for sustainability’, Paper presented to RMIT International University Vietnam National Library Systems Workshop, Hanoi, Vietnam, 24-27 Sep 2001.

‘IFC financing for RMIT International University Vietnam: global context and client perspective’, Paper presented to International Finance Corporation Global Practice Group Seminar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 10 Jun 2001.
Download Presentation - PDF: 894KB

‘The international education industry: trends and issues’ Paper presented to International Finance Corporation Global Practice Group Seminar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 9 Jun 2001.
Download Presentation - PDF: 699KB

‘ADB private sector financing for RMIT International University Vietnam: an investor’s perspective’, Paper presented at Seminar on Private Sector Development Strategy: The Strategy in Action – an Investor’s Perspective, Asian Development Bank Annual General Meeting, Honolulu, 8 May 2001.
Download Paper - PDF: 57KB
Download Presentation - PDF: 1,524KB